Compact for Learning

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Meadow Pond Compact Team is to identify and discuss educational issues and to define goals which support academic excellence. This shared decision making process will provide the mix of creative ideas and broad knowledge base necessary to improve student achievement at Meadow Pond.

Meadow Pond Site Based Compact Team

Who are the members and what are the terms of service for the School Compact Team?
The terms run for two years and expire on a staggering schedule.

How often does the Meadow Pond School Compact Team meet?

The Meadow Pond Compact Team meets regularly to conduct its work. Generally, there has been one regularly scheduled meeting a month. All meetings are open and parents are encouraged to attend and participate. All meetings will be in the Library. ALL are welcome! All meetings are held on Wednesday mornings.

What initiatives has the Meadow Pond School Compact Team worked on?

Improving the Writing Process at Meadow Pond (1995-98) Improving the Reading Process at Meadow Pond (1996-98) Assisting in Foreign Language Committee (1998-2000) (2003-present) Initiating “Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)” program (1998) Initiating Programs Involving Parents (PIP) to bring more Activities/programs to Meadow Pond families (1999-2000) Producing “Be Your Best” Code of Conduct (1999-2001) Studying Student Assessment and Grade Reporting (2001-Present) Discussing New Report Card (Progress Report) – provided input to committee Examining Character Education Programs for Meadow Pond (2001-Present) Initiated Family Math Games Night (2003-present)

Supporting Student Writing through Student Poetry Anthologies and a Student Writing Course after school. (2005-2006) Further promote acts of kindness at Meadow Pond. Initiate a whole school community read-a-loud program. (2007-2008).Support Student Writing through Author in Residence (2008-2010) Support student understanding of a variety of cultures through exposure diversity in the arts.


About the Compact Team

What is Compact for Learning?

"Compact for Learning" is an educational process created by the New York State Board of Regents. Parents, teachers, school administrators and support staff work in partnership to improve the way our school does its business – teaching and inspiring students.

What does the Compact Team consist of?

A School Compact Team consists of three teachers, one support staff member, the principal and three parent/legal guardian representatives (hereafter called parents).

What role do parent representatives have on the Meadow Pond School Compact Team?

Three elected parent representatives on the School Compact Team share in the decision-making process and identify educational goals and issues. These goals and issues could include the building budget process, implementation of curriculum and ways of evaluating students’ work and standards of excellence.

How does a parent express an interest in serving on the Meadow Pond School Compact Team?

A letter of intent needs to be submitted to the School Compact Team Nominating Committee through the school office. The letter should be a personal expression of interest and commitment to serve on the team. These letters will be circulated amongst the Meadow Pond community.

What are the responsibilities of the School Compact Nominating Committee?

The committee will distribute to the Meadow Pond community the letters of intent for all recommended candidates and candidates-at-large. Letters of intent submitted by candidates not recommended by the Nominating Committee will not be shared with the school community.

What happens if a parent is not recommended by the School Compact Nominating Committee but wishes to have his or here name on the ballot?

This parent should advise the nominating committee of his or her desire to be included as a candidate-at-large for the election.
What is a candidate-at-large?

A Meadow Pond parent who wishes to run in the election but does not want to participate in the School Compact Nominating Committee process, or a parent who was not recommended by the committee would be a candidate-at-large. These parents should submit their letter of intent to the school office.

How will parents of students at Meadow Pond School be informed of the candidates?

The nominating committee will announce the slate of recommended candidates-at-large, if any. Copies of letters of intent for recommended candidates will be distributed to all MPES parents.

Are absentee ballots available?

In the event a parent anticipates being unable to vote in person on election day, absentee ballots will be available. Absentee ballots can be picked up and signed for at the school office.