Library Schedule

Here is the Library Schedule for the 2018-19 School Year: 

Day A:     

Mrs. Kovatch - Kindergarten 

Mr. Briggs - Second Grade                                                                                  

Day B:              

Mrs. Choolfaian - 5th Grade 

Mrs. Pickett - 5th Grade

Mrs. Masi - 3rd Grade                                                                               

Day C:                       

Mrs. Hoaglund - Kindergarten     

Mrs. Norton - 1st Grade  

Mrs. Corace - 4th Grade

Mrs. Garber - 4th Grade 

Day D:  

Mrs. Kuzcinski - 1st Grade

Mrs. Knapp - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Walsh - 2nd Grade                                                                                

Day E:

Mrs. Donaghy - 1st Grade

Mrs. Friscia - 3rd Grade 

Mrs. Merritt - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Major - 5th Grade





Hour of Code